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As 2024 Ramps Up, Reports Say All Eyes Are On North Carolina

Just a couple of days into 2024, news coverage is underscoring the North Carolina governor’s race as a contest to “keep an eye on” and “the biggest gubernatorial race of the year.” Analysis by the Cook Political Report, which ranks the race as Lean Democrat, reports the matchup as one that “worr[ies] both national and North Carolina Republicans.”

The 2024 governor’s race, which has previously been called “highly competitive” and the “marquee contest of 2024,” pits “frontrunner” Attorney General Josh Stein against Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson, who “comes with some baggage.” Reporting notes that Robinson’s “host of scandals” makes him “particularly polarizing” and leaves fellow Republicans concerned about his “harmful effects on other downballot races.” Robinson’s extreme stance on the “particularly potent” issue of abortion and ownership of “one of the most controversial track records in politics” are also sparking concerns about “candidate quality.”

Meanwhile, Politico highlights Josh Stein’s early strength, having “scored endorsements from across the party — including Cooper and most of the congressional delegation” and “already raised millions.” 

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