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“A Fount Of Social Media Conspiracy Theories And Vile Proclamations”: Robinson’s Fringe Extremism Causes Alarm Among Republicans

Republican strategist: “Clearly, it’s not great.”

According to new reporting from the Daily Beast, Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson has “appeared in nine separate posts on Stormfront,” a white supremacist website started by a KKK leader in the 1990s, and “has also drawn a following on the QAnon forum Great Awakening.” As of yet, Robinson has not rejected his support from white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups. In fact, he has repeatedly promoted QAnon rhetoric over the years, spreading antisemitic tropes, liking QAnon content on Facebook, and refusing to apologize for his previous antisemitic statements..

The depths of Robinson’s extremism and support among conspiracy theorists have Republicans worried that the lieutenant governor could “throw the governor’s race to the Democrats.” 

“Lieutenant Governor Robinson’s comfort with vile and dangerous conspiracy theories continues to reach new depths, so it is no surprise that QAnon believers are all in to make him governor,” said Morgan Hopkins, a spokeswoman for Josh Stein for North Carolina. “We need a governor like Josh Stein who will stay focused on delivering for every person across North Carolina — not a fringe and unhinged candidate like Mark Robinson who would kill jobs and take our state backwards.”