Making the Economy Work for Everyone

Everybody deserves a fair shot at prosperity – to get a good job or start a business – anywhere in this state, including small town North Carolina. If you work hard, where you come from should never limit how far you can go.

North Carolina’s economy is strong and growing, but not everyone is benefiting from that growth. The rising cost of housing, groceries, medicine, and other basic needs is making life too expensive for too many families. As Attorney General, I’ve fought against predatory corporations that were driving up prices for North Carolinians. As your Governor, I’ll keep working to deliver the economic security and peace of mind that every North Carolinian deserves by lowering costs, raising the minimum wage, and cutting taxes for working families.

I’m proud that North Carolina has been the #1 state for business two years in a row, but future success is not a given. Instead of waging job-killing culture wars, I’ll keep fighting to invest in our people – who are our greatest asset. Our talented workforce and excellent community colleges and universities make North Carolina an attractive destination for families and businesses. As Governor, I’ll work to bring new business to the state, continue building a strong workforce, and create job opportunities for folks in every corner of the state.