Addressing Housing Affordability

A home should be more than just a roof over your head – it should also be an anchor in a community that’s safe with good schools and jobs and a way for your family to build wealth.

But for too many North Carolinians, buying a home is out of reach and renting a place near their work is unattainable. Too many are unable to find a decent, affordable place to live in their hometown. Too many are unable to raise their family near good jobs and good schools and still pay their bills or save for their kids’ education. Too many find themselves facing rising housing costs because of constrained supply. 

In the Attorney General’s office, I have fought predatory mortgage lenders to protect homeowners, investigated concerns of anticompetitive conduct that raises people’s rents, and sued Canary Construction for taking homeowners’ money but failing to do the work. As your Governor, I will work to expand housing options across the state, so that your home is a source of stability, not stress. That means increasing homeownership opportunities, expanding affordable rental housing, and reducing homelessness.