Stand against discrimination

The Republican-controlled legislature recently passed what is being called  "the most anti-LGBT legislation in the country."

This bill not only rolled back existing protections for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people, it also prevents cities and towns across our state from enacting any new non-discrimination ordinances. Now it is costing North Carolina jobs.

Legalizing discrimination hurts people and is bad for business. Many major businesses have voiced their opposition, including American Airlines, Cisco, Biogen, the NBA, Bank of America and scores of others. PayPal just announced it was pulling 400 jobs out of our state.

If the bill itself wasn't bad enough, the Senator who championed this terrible legislation now wants to be elected Attorney General. Buck Newton, who recently became the Republican nominee for AG, led the charge to write discrimination into law in North Carolina.

North Carolina deserves better.

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