Originally in The Wilson Times
By Janet Conner-Knox, September 21, 2015

Josh Stein, Democrat state senator from Raleigh, officially announced Monday that he will run for North Carolina attorney general.  

Stein made four stops Monday to make his intentions known – Charlotte, Winston Salem, Greensboro and Raleigh.  

Stein will be running against Republican State Sen. Buck Newton of Wilson who announced this past June his campaign for the seat.  

Republican Jim O’Neill, Forsyth County district attorney, has formed a campaign committee as well.  

Stein said he has the experience and has served as senior deputy attorney general for Consumer Protection in the North Carolina Department of Justice for eight years. 

“I know this job,” Stein told The Wilson Times Monday afternoon. “I took on predatory lenders, sexual predators that targeted kids, shut down telemarketing scammers that targeted seniors.” 

Stein said he is proud his actions returned tens of millions of dollars to North Carolinians. 

As a senator, Stein said he has worked to expand the state’s DNA database to collect samples from all violent felony arrestees, enacted legislation to combat identity theft, fought abusive real estate transactions, and championed legislation to require ignition interlocks for all drunken driving convictions. 

Newton sent out an email Monday in response to Stein’s announcement, calling Stein a protege of Attorney General Roy Cooper. 

“Josh Stein is a typical liberal politician who would seek to continue this disturbing trend of letting Washington decide what is best for North Carolina,” Newton’s email said. “If elected as attorney general, Roy Cooper’s favorite son would continue to champion big government while ignoring the Constitution, individual liberties and the people of North Carolina.” 

Stein said Newton’s response is typically partisan. 

“That is more of the partisan sniping that voters are so tired of,” Stein responded. “Congress and the General Assembly have become hyper partisan and because of that people are holding them in low regard.” 

Stein said the job of the attorney general is one that is independent and represents the people of the state. 

Stein said he has been crisscrossing the state talking to people about becoming attorney general and he is pleased with what he has heard. 

“People have been very excited. I am excited,” Stein said. “I have been very touched by it. There was a rally in Raleigh. And I have gotten so many phone calls, texts and messages on Facebook. It has been very heartening.”