Originally on WRAL.com

December 5, 2018

They're relentless robots and they're always lighting up our phones, but now, North Carolina is leading the charge against robo calls.

The aggravating robo calls are becoming more frequent. Sometimes it's easy to recognize it's a scam.

"I mean, sometimes you can tell by the state like I don't know anyone from Spokane, Washington," said KJ Fon-Ndikum.

Other times the call shows up with the first couple of digits of your own area code.

"I think it's actually someone like a relative or someone calling and it's not. And it's annoying when I'm at work like somethings going on," said Madison Tucker.

Instead of a friend or family member on the other line, you hear fake prizes.

"You've one a free trip to Marriott hotel, you've won a cruise, or it's like you have a credit card payment that's overdue. I don't have a credit card! How is that possible?," said Tucker.

North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein and 39 other state attorneys are on board to help end the robo calls.

The goal is to focus on technology that telecom companies can use to block the illegal calls.

"The phone companies don't like these calls either but what we want to do is have them work faster to give us the technological tools to shield us from these incredibly annoying robo calls," Stein said.

The attorney general's robocall coalition is pressing major telecom companies to work quickly and find a solution for consumers. But until that happens, he said the best thing to do is to not answer your phone.

The state just retained an expert that has knowledge of what technology the telecom companies have access to. That expert will figure out how they can use this technology to block spoofing calls as well.

The attorney general said you can also report these calls to the FCC.