Originally in the Greenville Daily Reflector
October 25, 2016

Attorney General: endorses Democratic former N.C. Senate minority whip Josh Stein over Republican N.C. Sen. Buck Newton. Stein favors stronger protections against domestic violence and LGBT discrimination, DNA sampling of convicted of violent criminals and strengthened safety in public schools. He will be a strong consumer protection advocate. Newton is extremely conservative on all social issues, sponsored the hastily enacted HB2, opposes legalized same-sex marriage, supports voter ID and gerrymandering and has had most of his initiatives overturned by federal courts. 

Originally in the Winston-Salem Journal
October 18, 2016

In the race for attorney general, the current holder of the office, Roy Cooper, is not seeking re-election because is running for governor. Republican Buck Newton of Wilson, a state senator and lawyer from Wilson, is running for attorney general against Democrat Josh Stein, a Raleigh attorney and former state senator. Newton was a key proponent of the wrongheaded law that allows some courthouse officials to opt out of processing same-sex marriages. He’s also pushed heavily House Bill 2, the law Gov. Pat McCrory and the legislature rushed through in March that discriminates against transgender people and has cost our state millions of dollars in boycotts from businesses, sports organizations, entertainers and states.

Stein served well in the state legislature. Before that, as a senior deputy attorney general, he excelled in heading the consumer protection division, tackling problems such as predatory lending. He has a good legal mind and is fair and firm. He would make a fine attorney general.

Originally in the Asheville Citizen-Times
October 17, 2016

The contest to succeed Roy Cooper as attorney general pits two who have served in the state Senate, Democrat Josh Stein and Republican Buck Newton. Stein says he will not pursue a social agenda, while Newton’s public statements in support of HB 2 and the Voter ID law suggest that is exactly what he would do. Stein is the clear choice.