North Carolina's Attorney General is appealing the Duke Energy rate case.

Attorney General Josh Stein is standing up for the people of North Carolina who shouldn't be forced to pay for Duke Energy's coal ash mismanagement 

"Duke Energy knew coal ash was toxic for years and failed to act responsibly. Therefore, it's wrong to put all the costs of cleaning it up on the people of North Carolina." - Attorney General Josh Stein

Thousands of North Carolinians wrote to the NC Utilities Commission saying that Duke Energy and it's shareholders should pay to clean up toxic coal ash dumps - which contain arsenic, mercury, and other chemicals. However, regulators recently ruled that Duke could start charging its customers hundreds of millions of dollars to clean up coal ash dumps.

Attorney General Stein believes the Commission's decision is wrong and he is appealing it to the North Carolina Supreme Court.

You shouldn't have to pay for Duke Energy's coal ash mismanagement. If you agree, sign the petition below. 

I Shouldn't Have To Pay For Duke Energy's Coal Ash Mismanagement.